Star Tattoos For Men

Published: 19th April 2011
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It has always been thought that star designs in general are exclusively for women especially when it comes to tattoos. However, more and more masculine design of star tattoos for men has been introduced lately and it is gaining popularity.

So for men seeking new ideas for body art, star tattoo designs can now be easily found on the web with a simple search. Tattoo studios now also offer quite a variety. If you just look around, you will discover that there is quite a wide selection to choose from. But to help you in your hunt for the most fitting star tattoos for men, here are some tips you can use:

Monochrome Black VS Multi-Colored
Just as with any other design pattern, one good question to ask is whether you want to go for plain monochrome or bright multi-colored. Of course, this choice falls to personal taste but you need to understand that each type has its own unique features.

Like for example, monochrome patterns tend to have a more classical feel to it. Also, it tends to look more masculine. The bright colored ones on the other hand are more luxurious-looking. Also, you can choose more design with the colored ones. However, it is generally understood that colored ones are harder to maintain.

Simple VS Nautical
So did you already decide on the color scheme? Next on the list is the complexity of the design. Generally, start tattoos for men also fall under the category of simple of nautical, with nautical designs being the most elaborate and the simple design being more of a minimalist.

In choosing between the two however, you might want to consider that elaborate designs take longer time to finish. So in that case, it will be important to find an artist who is up to the task. This is to make sure that the design will come to life.

Single VS Multiple
So now you have the color scheme and the design features. Now it is time to decide how many stars you want to get. Traditionally, one star is good enough and it is the most common choice. But if you want, there are designs that feature multiple stars.

For the multiple star tattoos for men designs, there are plenty of patterns you can find. For example, there are those aligned together and there are those with stars within a star. However, these designs are also quite complicated and are more difficult to make.

And that is about everything that you need to know about the basics of choosing the right star tattoos for men. And before you decide which design to go for, try to think it over so you do not end up with the wrong one.

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