Neck Tattoos for Girls

Published: 19th April 2011
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Tattoos are becoming a fad or trend particularly the young generation. From rock stars to marines to tattoo artists to ordinary people, many now sport beautiful and intricate tattoos gracing all over their back, arms, legs - and sometimes not even the face is spared. But for women who love simplicity and minimalistic designs - she can always have a tattoo that is small yet cute. Neck tattoos for girls is an example where a girl can have a small cute tattoo on the nape.

There are other areas in a woman’s body that can sports some really nice yet small tattoos. Sometimes to the point that it makes guys curious and wants to take a peek of that small tattoo found just below the navel, at the lower back, ankle or on the nape that’s occasionally covered by hair. There are different kinds of neck tattoos for girls that will decorate her nape beautifully. Here are some of the popular ones.

Floral Tattoos:
A floral tattoo automatically implies womanhood and feminism. Floral tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos women would want to have in their bodies especially in the nape area. Floral tattoos in the nape area can be very beautiful at the same time sexually attractive.

Foreign Script Tattoos
Foreign script tattoos are also becoming a trend you see on Television. Actors, actresses, rock stars and celebrities sports Chinese texts on their arms or chest and so on. There are also Jewish texts or script that covers an arm or a leg that speaks about a Torah passage or some Christian passage written in Hebrew.

Among women this foreign script tattoos are also gaining ground particularly on the nape. Foreign script neck tattoos for girls can be really cool and funky. You can also put Hindu or Japanese texts. Just be sure you know what it means.

Butterfly Tattoos
Butterfly tattoo is another favourite tattoo for girls. There are many types of butterflies with different wing shapes and colours women can choose from. But butterfly tattoos will always look beautiful on a woman’s nape. This is one reason why it is also popular among girls and women. Butterfly tattoos also symbolize new life or rebirth.

Neck tattoos for girls like name tattoos are also quite popular. Girls like to place their own names or nicknames on the nape. Sometimes girls would also have their Zodiac sign tattooed on their nape. Other favourite neck tattoo for girls are angel tattoos, symbol tattoos and star tattoos are also high on the list.

Tattoos that are done on the nape can be painful because of the sensitivity of the skin in that area. But despite the pain, girls would still want to have their nape tattooed because it is one of the areas that can be really catchy and interesting to look at.

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