Cross Tattoos for Women

Published: 19th April 2011
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Women also love tattoos and one of those popular tattoos women love are cross tattoos. Cross tattoos for women will always denote that touch of spirituality in her being may she be Christian or non-Christian. It is very appealing also to those who are religious at the same time has a taste for tattoo art.

There are perhaps many types of cross tattoos for women which they can choose. Each cross tattoo has its own story to tell that might appeal to your certain spiritual taste or art preference. It totally depends on which cross tattoos for women will fit you perfectly. Does it make you feel more religious or committed to your religion? Does it express well your belief or taste for cross designs. The reasons are endless but one thing is for sure, cross tattoos for women is a beautiful and popular tattoo design you can also have.

From Christian cross tattoos, there are other cross tattoos that have nothing to do with Christianity at all. You got the Celtic cross tattoo, Egyptian cross tattoo and many others as well found from different cultures. Each of these cross tattoos for women have their own unique designs that can go well on their own or shine through with other tattoo designs in the mix.

The Celtic cross tattoo comes from the Celtic or Gaelic culture and one of its iconic symbols happens to be a cross too. It is the same as the Christian cross only with a ring over the intersecting vertical and horizontal line. Celtic cross tattoo can both denote spirituality and tribal connectivity to your Celtic roots if you happen to be Irish. Non Irish can have Celtic cross tattoos too.

The Iron cross is just a recent addition to the cross tattoo for women. If the iron cross looks familiar itís because youíve seen this symbol in war movies particularly movies about the 1st world war and the 2nd world war. The iron cross is a military decoration that is honoured to German soldiers for bravery and outstanding services.

The Ankh or Egyptian cross tattoo is another popular tattoo women can have in their neck, arms or ankle. It actually predates Christianity and symbolizes life as much as the union between Isis and Osiris. The Egyptian cross has a unique design from any cross. It has a loop instead of straight line above the intersection where Christís head supposedly is located from a Christian cross.

Tribal cross tattoo is a conglomeration of a cross tattoo designed or adorned with traditional tribal styled tattoos. Normally tribal tattoos identify its wearer to his or her tribal community but in todayís times where cultural art is mixed up with the modern and popular art, it is a common pairing in tattoo design where you see a cross tattoo for women laced in tribal fashion.

Tribal tattoos are normally etched on males as a sign of maturity or courage and sometimes it is identified with tribal warriors but women nowadays can have tribal cross tattoo with floral tattoos. A mix of Christianity, tradition with a touch of feminism that when carefully done together will end up being a masterpiece.

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