Chest Tattoos for Men

Published: 19th April 2011
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Do you agree that tattoos make a great accessory for a man? Can it compete with flashy jewelries and stylish watches in radiating a manly appeal? Well, Chest tattoos for men are popular amongst male tattoo enthusiasts. Tattoos are much better accessories in showing off masculinity and cool quotient because they are not only fascinating but can actually resonate who you are.

Why Prefer A Chest Tattoo for Men?
Have you browsed a couple of chest tattoo designs? What about momentous designs which will give a significant impact in your life? A Hush-hush tattoo design needs a strategic spot so privacy would be prized well—what strategic spot it is? Your chest. Apart from quite a huge space to let your tattoo artist work with the design freely, your chest is not often exposed (unless of course you enjoy walking down the street without a shirt or if you’re a lifeguard by profession.)

Another reason why most male tattoo enthusiasts like inking their chest more than any part of their body is because chest tattoos for men somehow boost a man’s sex appeal. Chest tattoo works its wonders by transforming a man’s pectoral into a much bigger and better shape.

Most Wanted Chest Tattoos for Men

Cross and Heart Tattoos
What is more daring than a cross tattoo? It is biblical, historical, simple but full of meaning. While a heart tattoo is chock-full of emotions—whether influenced by a romantic love story or a bitter parting. Most guys would endure the streak of pain across their chest as the name or portrait of his girl is being engraved across his brawny chest to show chaste affection.

Animal Tattoos
Animal tattoos are popular choices among male tats aficionado. Somehow, each person could relate to an animal counterpart depending on one’s personality and strength. Think deeper? Which animal can depict who you are? Are you a tiny but dangerous scorpion? A fierce and powerful dragon? Or a brave, feisty tiger?

Cultural Chest Tattoo
apanese are not fond of commercial tattoos but they honor a full body tattoo, known as horimono. Horimono is mostly associated with Yakuza, the term used for Japanese mob. This tattoo design though is not your ordinary chest tattoo for men because it won’t allow tattooing the center of the chest.

Men must not show off the tattoos so keeping the center of the chest free from tattoo will prevent unwanted exposure of horimono even when the shirt is partially unbuttoned. The interesting origin, bold and distinctive cultural chest tattoos draw in many tats enthusiasts to have one.

Chest tattoo for men could transcend that "tattoo as merely an accessory" undertone. It is a form of unique and remarkable body art. Make this decision worthwhile by using it as a way to let loose your long kept emotions and beliefs.

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